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Lakeside Auto Speedway Centennial & Heritage Day.
San Diego County was treated to a rare event by the Lakeside Historical Society when they held a spectacular celebration hon­oring Lakeside and one of its early residents, John H. Gay. The event was to be held on October 28th but had to be postponed due the fires in San Diego County. It was held on November 18th, to a large crowd and some marvelous automobiles. The day was open to pre-1929 cars at the Lindo Lake Park. The cars parked under large eucalyptus trees which covered the 54.5 acre park.
There were over seventy cars signed up to be displayed but due to the date change I am not sure how many attended. There were a lot of cars present and it took three separate parades to show off all of the them. They pretty much filled the park and there were many outstanding cars available for sightseers to ogle.
Here is an excerpt from the souvenir booklet. This partial story was written by Chris Herzog, Lakeside Historical Society.
“John H. Gay, 1905, a prominent San Diego businessman and entrepreneur, was new to Lakeside with the purchase of the faltering Lakeside Inn. John Gay was also a motorcar enthusiast and enjoyed driving his own car on the country roads of San Diego County.
“John Gay saw an opportunity. Combining his love for the automobile and the many acres of open space around the Lakeside Inn, he conceived and developed the Lakeside Auto Speedway circling Lindo Lake. And, in 1907, with the first race, what better way to open the track than with colorful racing stunts of Barney Oldfield.
"After that, many racing events brought thousands of new people to town, and it was exciting. At that time, no where else in the United States was there a race track built especially for auto racing except in Lakeside. The automobile was a new con­cept, and to watch these new machines go as fast as 60 miles an hour was unbelievable. The presence of John H. Gay and Barney Oldfield in Lakeside during those days, from 1905 to 1920, is significant to history.
“Those early racing concepts in Lakeside spearheaded an industry making East County today very well known for its auto rac­ing facilities, innovative ideas and personalities, creating a hub of racing interest known world wide.”
The car enthusiasts and club members would like to thank the Lakeside Historical Society and special appreciation to Fred Puhn who is credited for the idea of this celebration. He spent many, many days contacting the vintage car organizations and promoting the event. It was a wonderful event enjoyed by all.                 (All photos by Miya Niemcynski)

Jack & Lynne Robinson
Family and friends are sadden by the deaths of two wonderful people. Vivacious, generous, loving….Just a few words that describe Lynne Robinson. After battling complications from kidney disease, Lynne pass away unexpectedly October 27, 2007.
She was born in Hollywood CA in 1932, and a fourth generation Californian, Lynne was an avid genealogist. For many of her 75 years, she meticulously traced family lineages, pouring over hundreds, if not thousands, of census documents. She was in charge of Queries for the San Diego Genealogical Society, and assisted many
others in their ancestral searches.
Jack passed away peacefully at home with his children by his side November 25, 2007 from a long term illness. He was born and raised in San Diego. He was trained in electronics in the Army, and after his service, began a career as an elec­trician. Jack was a wealth of information regarding the history of the area and could entertain many a listener with stories of the early days of San Diego.
Jack and Lynne were married for fifty years and were wonderful parents to four children and grandparents to six.
HCFI Member Bill Knost
From the Goggles & Gauntlets, November 2007
Bill Knost passed away Thursday October 18th in Tucson surrounded by family and friends.
Bill celebrated life with color and class. He was a master of witticisms and provoked laughter on a regular
basis. Bill’s interests were antique cars and gardening at the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension,
where he became a master gardener. Bill was a longtime member of the Old Pueblo Touring Association, the Horseless Car­riage Foundation, and the Horseless Carriage Club of America.
He was born in Portsmouth OH on October 2, 1919 and served as a postal specialist in the Army-Air Corps. He worked for the US Postal Service for 40 years.
Bill had a segment in the Goggles & Gauntlets Newsletter of the Old Pueblo Touring Association which was titled “Postscripts by Postie”
Small Front Carriage Wheels
Regarding our article last time on “Arguments Against Small Front Wheels”, Mr. Bill West of Westlake Village, CA states:
“Small front wheels were necessary to make very sharp turns placing one front wheel under the body. On a passenger buggy, it made it easier for a lady to enter and exit while keeping her skirt clean.”

The answer is yes if you have children riding in your motor vehicle of any vintage. This question has been raised by a cou­ple of members about belting in their children.
CA DMV Vehicle code states:
(f) Every owner of a motor vehicle, including every owner or operator of a taxicab, as defined in Section 27908, or a limou­sine for hire, operated on a highway shall maintain safety belts in good working order for the use of occupants of the vehicle. The safety belts shall conform to motor vehicle safety standards established by the United States Department of Transporta­tion. This subdivision does not, however, require installation or maintenance of safety belts where not required by the laws of the United States applicable to the vehicle at the time of its initial sale.
Any child under the age of six weighing less than 60 pounds must be secured in a federally approved child passenger re­straint system and ride in the back seat of a vehicle.
27360. (a) A parent or legal guardian, when present in a motor vehicle, as defined in Section 27315, (Mandatory seat belt law) may not permit his or her child or ward to be transported upon a highway in the motor vehicle without properly securing the child or ward in a rear seat in a child passenger restraint system meeting applicable federal motor vehicle safety stan­dards, unless the child or ward is one of the following:
1.    There is no rear seat or the rear seats are either side-facing jump seats or rear-facing seats.
2.    The child passenger restraint system can not be installed properly in the rear seat.
3.    All rear seats are already occupied by children under the age of 12 years.
4.    A medical reason requires the child to ride in the front seat. If you want to check out your state, go online and Google your state name plus DMV.

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