Fall 2011                                  "The Information Place" volume 13 #3


Stylish coat Stylish coat #2

The fur coat, above, is beautifully styled with princess seams, and even has fur buttons (one needs a minor repair). There are fur-trimmed interior pockets. It measures 14 1/2" across the upper back, 21 1/2" sleeve, and is 50" long. Approx. bust size 36".



A very stylish brown smocked velvet coat made by McCreery & Co. needs relin-ing but is in won-derful condition otherwise. Bust approx. 36", 41" length, 21 1/2" sleeves, 14" up-per back from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.

Stylish browwn coat

This wonderful collection of outerwear was recently donated to the library from the Vivian Phillippi collec-tion. Vivian and her late husband Richard were ac-tive members of the HCCA and participated in many tours.

All of these items are available for sale with pro-ceeds going toward operation of the library.

donated clothing collectionDonated clothing collection photo 2



Above, cream wool flannel opera coat front and back views with gorgeous silk braid detail front and back. The lining is in good condition; over all needs only minor hand stitching to re-secure some trim and a few hooks and eyes at front closure. This beautiful coat measures 15" across the upper back, 47" in length with a 21" sleeve (would be spectacular with opera gloves).


Below is a dark brown Harry Anann fur coat with hook and eye closures and one-button at collar. It is approx-imately 40" in the bust, 42" in length and has a 21" sleeve.

Great for cool weather touring!

dark brown Harry Anann fur coat with hook and eye closures

Another view of this beautiful coat

Fur Muff


An authentic fur muff to keep your hands warm on a chilly day of touring.
Excellent condition.


A stylish fur and feather hat with alternating bands of rich dark fur and teal feathers finished with natu-ral ostrich plumes. 


The fur muff

Fur Muff with band

A fur muff with an embroidered band, also in top condi-tion.



A stylish fur and feather hat with alternating bands of rich dark fur and teal feathers finished with natu-ral ostrich plumes.



15-Year Pins

The HCFI Board of Directors is pleased to announce that 15-Year Membership Pins have been designed and will be mailed out with 2012 membership renewals. Approximately 100 members will achieve 15 years of continuous membership in 2012.

HCFI membership


Wish List

Funds requested to purchase items needed at the Library:

Automobile Quarterly Subscription
1 year $80 / 2 years $150 / 3 year $200

Funds for Scanning Books

Any automobile literature, periodical, or automobile related items

New Location Library Buy/Share/Donate

Funds to purchase new mid-size paper cutter.


Elcar radiator cap Elcar radiator  cap

We received an email from Kathy Hoffman about this ELCAR radiator cap she found while cleaning out an old Victorian home, she does not want to throw it away and thought we might be able to help find some one who needs this radiator cap. If you are in need of this item please contact Kathy through . The ELCAR was made in Elkhart, In-diana (1916– 1931) by the Pratt brothers — William B. and George B.


Donations to the HCFI

In these difficult economic times, raising funds for the on-going projects at the HCFI Li-brary is even more difficult than usual. The HCFI Library is still investigating new prem-ises, as we have seriously out-grown the current leased loca-tion. Many suitable properties are currently on the market at below normal prices but those prices are not expected to hold for long. The HCFI Board is working diligently to find a suit-able property and you can help….
We need your help, both now and in the longer term. While none of us looks forward to our passing, most of us make plans for our estate. Please don't forget the HCFI during these planning stages. While monetary gifts are most welcome, we can offer excel-lent tax breaks for items donat-ed to the HCFI Library. Just think: without your timely inter-vention, all those books and periodicals you have accumu-lated over the years could end up in the local landfill, lost to future auto enthusiasts forever.

As part of the ongoing Scan-ning Project, the HCFI Board has decided to add additional periodicals from 1935 to 1960 to the on-line library. To com-plete this and go beyond 1960 will cost about $17,000 over the next year. Grant monies have become more and more difficult to acquire. Again, monetary donations for this extension of the on-line library are most welcome.


The HCFI has available for sale complete
sets of the above magazines.
We also have many duplicates so if
you need to fill in your collection give
us a call.

Duplicates run 1939-1949 $15.00
1950-1959 $10.00
1960-1969 $ 5.00
1970-1979 $ 3.00
1980 up $ 1.00
The full set of Gazettes through
2010 would be $1200. and the Vintage
Ford through 2008 would be

Please contact Diane 619-464-0301
or .


D. A. ―Mac‖ MacPherson is the
new office manager at the Research
Library. With a background
in antique cars, graphic arts, photography
and computers. Give him
a call for help with your automotive
research and restoration questions
at 619-464-0301, or



Publications available at the LibraryWeight auto Cleaning 











Valvoline ad

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Diamond T Motor Car Company discontinued passenger cars to con-centrate on Trucks.
The International Motor Company (Mack) was formed by the consoli-dation of Mack Bros. Motor Car Co., Sauer Motor Car Company, and Hewitt Motor Co.
The Studebaker Corporation was formed, and the manufacture of elec-tric vehicles was discontinued to allow concentration on gasoline cars.
New Makes this year: Alpena, At-las-Knight, Birnel, Carhartt, Chad-wick, Coey, Colby, Corbitt, Corl, Crow-Elkhart, Cunningham, Dalton, Diamond T (truck), Dispatch, Gay-lord, Great Eagle, Great Smith, Great Southern, Havers, Hupp-Yeats, Leader, Lenox, Lincoln, Lit-tle, Modoc, Moline, Motorette, Par-ry, Pathfinder, Penn, Pickard, Pilot, Pratt, Rayfield, R.C.H., Republic, Roader, Rodgers, Stafford, Stearns-Knight, Stoddard-Knight, Stuyve-sant, The Bird, Triumph, Virginian, Walter, Warren, White Hall.
From: A Chronicle OF THE Automotive Industry IN AMERICA, Published 1949.


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Production this year: 199,319 passenger cars, 10,681 trucks and buses.
Chevrolet Motor Co. of Michigan as organized and production began in Flint.
The Selden Patent was declared "valid but not infringed" by Ford and other manufacturers, in U.S. Court of Appeals.
Cadillac used an elec-tric starter developed by Charles Franklin Ketter-ing.
A REO was driven from New York to San Francisco in 10 days, 15 hours, 13 minutes—a new record.
The first Indy 500 was won by Ray Haroun in a Marmon Wasp.
Hudson offered a "simplified chassis" and multiple disc clutch.
A Packard truck was driven from coast to coast in 46 days.