Summer 2011                                "The Information Place" volume 13 #2


Jay Leno visited Bakersfield Swap Meet this year and posed for photos at the Restoration Supply Company space with Sonja Harring-ton and Jessica Najera, both dressed to impress in period costume.

The Bakersfield Swap Meet in April ended the library's season for out-reach via face-to-face duplicate book sales for this year. Both the March Pre-War Swap in Chickasha, Oklaho-ma and the Bakersfield, California swap in April were successful events for the library.

Thanks to the many members, po-tential members, new and renewing members that stopped at our booth to buy surplus books and periodicals at each of these events we were able to cover all the expenses associated with these events and even put a little bit back in the coffers to help run the li-brary in La Mesa, California.

Projects taking place this year within the library include repairing scans of early periodicals to allow a greater search capability on the website and with Google for all the magazines

We have through 1960. We are missing issues, some full years, of various titles and are actively seek-ing out those issues in order to com-plete our collections by scanning and preparing them for posting to our website to give our members the most comprehensive database of early periodicals possible.

Additionally, our collection of old 16mm films is in the process of being transferred to DVD. Once all the automobile-related films have been processed, we will invite small focus groups in to assist us in identifying all the cars and, perhaps, some of the people in each film. The re-sponses from the focus groups will be recorded and stored with each film until we accumulate enough in-formation to add professional narra-tion to each film.

Future projects include sorting and identifying all the photographs, slides, and 8mm films that have been donated to the library over the years. The library is in need of equip-ment that will allow us to transfer slides, 8mm film, and VHS tapes to modern electronic media for long-term storage.

Jay with Beth Schmidt, owner/manager of Restoration Supply Company. Public parking area for the swap meet in the background.


HCFII visits the school

Boyd Goddard in 1910 Velie Touring

Jan Richards, 5th grade teacher at Sweetwater Elementary, invited mem-bers of the La Jolla HCCA and HCFI to promote an appreciation of vintage cars while reinforcing history lessons.

The kids all had a ball with big smiles on their faces and asked lots of questions.

5th Graders enjoy HCFI

Cars at the event: 1902 Curved Dash Olds (Bill and Anne Ottemann), 1906 Tourist (Larry and Bonnie Shrum), 1909 Ford Roadster (Newell and Gladene Booth), 1910 Velie Touring (Boyd and Debbie Goddard), 1911 Velie Touring (Jay and Roberta Watkins), 1912 Buick Touring (Ralph and Connie McNeil), and 1923 Ford Touring (Dan and Diane Seeman).


Jim Culperrt shares his passion

Jim Culbert in his machine shop working on a Model "T‟ head and block. Jim was well-known for custom design of automotive en-gines and gears.

HCFI Ambassador Ed Johnson re-cently relocated these pictures of Jim Culbert at work on a Model 'T' engine and shared them with the library.
Jim Culbert passed away in July 2004 but his racing legacy lives on. He was known worldwide as a builder and driver of sprint and super-modified cars. Culbert Automotive Engineering (CAE) was founded in the late 1940s. Jim was also the record holder for speed in sprint cars and modified road-sters.
After CAE was sold in 1977, he con-tinued pursuing his passion in his ma-chine shop at home developing a valve system for Model T's that he called the Culbert T'Go Head which allowed T's to go 100mph.

James Culbert was born and raised in San Diego; he saw some of his first auto races at the old Silvergate Speed-way. He and a friend would sweep the stands to get into the speedway. By the time he was 16, he didn't have to sweep the grandstands anymore—he had his own car, built from parts he acquired randomly—he lied about his age to meet the entry requirement of


15-Year Pins

The HCFI Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has become necessary to begin design of a 15-Year Membership Pin. Approximately 100 members will achieve 15 years of continuous member-ship beginning with 2012 renewals.

15 year HCFI pin

Wish List

Funds requested to purchase items needed at the Library:

Automobile Quarterly Subscription

1 year $80 / 2 years $150 / 3 year $200

Funds for Scanning Books

Any automobile literature, periodical, or automobile related items

New Location Library Buy/Share/Donate

Funds to purchase new mid-size paper cutter.

Balboa Race

18 to race at Balboa Stadium, and he won. In building antiques from scratch, including two 1911 Fords, Jim took little time to ad-mire his handiwork—he was all about building the next one.

He was inducted into the National Sprint Car Racing Hall of Fame in June 2004 and added to the City of La Mesa Walk of Fame on June 12, 2007.

Thanks to Jack Williams and The San Diego Union-Tribune article of July 30, 2004.


Donations to the HCFI

In these difficult economic times, raising funds for the on-going projects at the HCFI Li-brary is even more difficult than usual. The HCFI Library is still investigating new prem-ises, as we have seriously outgrown the current leased location. Many suitable prop-erties are currently on the market at below normal prices but those prices are not ex-pected to hold for long. The HCFI Board is working dili-gently to find a suitable prop-erty and you can help….

We need your help, both now and in the longer term. While none of us looks for-ward to our passing, most of us make plans for our estate. Please don't forget the HCFI during these planning stages. While monetary gifts are most welcome, we can offer excel-lent tax breaks for items do-nated to the HCFI Library. Just think, without your timely intervention, all those books and periodicals you have ac-cumulated over the years could end up in the local land-fill, lost to future auto enthusi-asts forever.

As part of the ongoing Scanning Project, the HCFI Board has decided to add ad-ditional periodicals from 1935 to 1960 to the on-line library. To complete this and go be-yond 1960 will cost about $17,000 over the next year. Grant monies have become more and more difficult to ac-quire. Again, monetary dona-tions for this extension of the on-line library are most wel-come.



The HCFI has available for sale complete
sets of the above magazines.
We also have many duplicates so if
you need to fill in your collection give
us a call.

Duplicates run 1939-1949 $15.00
1950-1959 $10.00
1960-1969 $ 5.00
1970-1979 $ 3.00
1980 up $ 1.00
The full set of Gazettes through
2010 would be $1200. and the Vintage
Ford through 2008 would be

Please contact Diane 619-464-0301

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Production this year: 199,319 passenger cars, 10,681 trucks and buses.
Chevrolet Motor Co. of Michigan as organized and production began in Flint.
The Selden Patent was declared "valid but not infringed" by Ford and other manufacturers, in U.S. Court of Appeals.
Cadillac used an elec-tric starter developed by Charles Franklin Ketter-ing.
A REO was driven from New York to San Francisco in 10 days, 15 hours, 13 minutes—a new record.
The first Indy 500 was won by Ray Haroun in a Marmon Wasp.
Hudson offered a "simplified chassis" and multiple disc clutch.
A Packard truck was driven from coast to coast in 46 days.