Library Search Help
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Searching the HCFI Online Library is very easy, yet very powerful.

Follow these steps to perform a basic search:

  1. Select a Publication to search. You can even search "All Publications".
  2. Select which year of the Publication to search or you can search "All Years" of a Publication.
  3. Enter the word or words to search for. Enclose the text to search for in "quotation marks" to search for an exact phrase.
  4. Optionally, you can require that all search terms exist in the document, or only require that any search term exists.
  5. Optionaly, you can choose the number of search results to display per page.
  6. That is all! Click Search to see the results.
  7. The * and ? wildcards are supported in the search string.
    Use * to search for any words after what you entered. Use ? to search for any one letter in your search for text
  8. Try the "Advanced Search" for more search options.

Be patient, this is a large Library and searches can take some time to complete.

Click The Advanced Search link for more search options.  Using the advanced search, you can search any combination of publications and years therof in the Library.  Follow these steps to perform an Advanced Search:

  1. Enter the word or words to search for in the Search For box
    You can even search for word parts.  For example, you could search for Chev or Chev* to match both Chevrolet and Chevy.
  2. Choose to have search results contain ALL of the searched for words or word parts or ANY of the words / word parts in the search for text you entered.
  3. Choose where to look (what to search) in the three catagories

The Advanced Search allows you great flexibility in performing a search of the Library, but be aware that depending on what boxes you click you may perform an overlapping search and get duplicate results.

Let's Search!